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September 2020

Hampshire County Councillor Update                                                          September 2020


Climate change Hampshire County Council has announced the first initiatives to help Hampshire residents reduce their carbon footprint. Community projects include a Telephone Helpline offering advice from energy choice to insulation, establishing a Community Energy Network across Hampshire and a Targeted Residential Solar Group Buying Scheme. Parishes and communities are encouraged to take part in the sustainable community Greening campaign ( The climate change Action Plan is due to be presented to the HCC Cabinet on 29th September.

Hampshire Highways are now re-using recycled material from old roads. Materials are screened, crushed and blended cleanly and quietly ready for re-use. With around 5,500 miles of roads this will make a significant contribution to reducing our carbon footprint. Over 40 new temporary footpaths and cycleways have been installed across Hampshire. HCC have bid for £3.45 million from Government to build more highways schemes to support social distancing, encourage walking and cycling and assist economic recovery.

Emergency Response teams responded to areas of flash flooding clearing debris from gullies following the heavy storms across Winchester. Further information and advice is available below:


Meanwhile the Household Waste Recycling Centres have safe social distancing measures in place for staff and residents. Only book the slots you need and it’s easy to cancel a booking if you change your mind. Booking slots are available up to seven days in advance.


Councillor Grants opened early this year in response to the COVID19 outbreak to help support our communities. So far I have been able to support various Covid related activities in several villages and provide support for a number of Community Groups.



Cllr Andrew Gibson

Hampshire County Council

Test Valley Central Division