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2021 / 2022

Tim Light of Lightatouch carried out a mid-year audit in November 2021 and a year-end final review on 22nd April 2022, in compliance with the council's financial regulations. The Auditor's report is below.

If residents of the Parish have any questions regarding the accounts, they are in the first instance to contact the Clerk. (Please see the Inspection of Public Accounts page.)

If questions are not satisfactorily answered, parishioners should contact the internal auditor as below to raise any concern.


7 Hodder Close, Chandlers Ford, Hants, SO53 4QD.

Tel: 07762 780605 Email: 

For each financial year we display the following documents:

1. Internal Auditors written report.

2. Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) Internal Control objective - signed by the Internal Auditor.

3. Annual governance Statement - Section 1 of the AGAR

4. Accounting Statements - Section 2 of the AGAR

5. Certificate of Conclusion of Audit, uploaded after receipt back from the External Auditor, (Usually on 30 Sept)

6. Clerk's note (if any) from the Internal Audit process.

The External Auditors completed their review of the accounts on 7th September 2022.

The accounts for Nether Wallop Parish Council were approved without comment, but comment was made regarding the handling of the Wallops Parishes Hall accounts.