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March 2019


During February the Lengthsman added non-slip mesh to the stiles on FP 19 (The Splash – Ducks Lane) together with anti slip mesh on the wooden bridge on the same path.

An email was resent to the Over Wallop clerk asking if the OWPC Lengthsman and/or Rights of Way officer could deal with the stiles on OW FP7, the final section of the path that runs from the School up to the A343.  No reply or acknowledgement was received.  Sadly this issue has become prescient, given the subsequent accident on one of the stiles on OW FP 7 towards the end of the month.

The Lengthman carried out routine checks and clearance of the drainage grips along Heathman Street and Farley Street.

Rights of Way Officer programme for March

Repair/replacement of some missing damaged waymarkers and finger boards identified during the winter.

Given the recent windy weather checks for fallen trees/branches as required.

Lengthsman Tasks set for March

I have allocated two hours of work improving the run off from the Bent Street road side drain into the Brook on the south side of the bridge at the junction with Farley Street.

Lengthsman Budget

£726 spent/committed so far in FY 18/19, leaving £273 in our allocation.   I am enquiring as to whether there will be the ability to carry this forward into FY 19/20 (as last year)


Iain James