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June 2019


The ROW officer carried out the following during May:

Replaced a damaged treadboard on a stile on FP 23 (north of the A343) using material provided by HCC.

Strimmed Footpath 19 (Splash – Duck Lane); western end of Footpath 15 (Church Hill south to Broughton); Footpath 17 (Aylwards Way – Church Hill)

On behalf of HCC checked a stile on FP 23 following report that a landowner had “blocked access for dogs”.  Report closed by HCC; no problem was identified and further action required.

Stile Problems: Footpath Wallop Primary School – A343 

Update received from HCC Access Warden as he had not had a response from the OWPC footpaths officer regarding action on this issue.  Following HCC intervention, the stile closest to A343 has been repaired; and a particularly poor stile in centre section of Over Wallop FP 7 has been replaced with a kissing gate by the landowner.

Lengthsman Tasks carried out in May

Strimming of new growth on FP 2, 3, 4 and 7 (Wisdom Lane/Knockwood Lane/School Lane), FP 19 (Splash – Ducks Lane).  (6.5 hours allocated)


Sightline clearance at Five Bells Lane/B3084 cross roads and Hollom Down Road/A343 junctions.  (1.5 hrs)


 “First Pass” clearance of the Rill. (2 hrs)


Total 10 hours/£190


Lengthsman Tasks set for June


“Footpath Width” strim of Restricted Byway 36 (Wallop Drove north towards A343.  (5 hours allocated)


Strim northern section of FP23 (north of A343) (1 hr)


Road junction sight lines:  Wallop Drove/A30 and Hosketts Lane/B3084  (1hr)


Further weed clearance in Rill (2 hrs)


Total cost 9 hrs/£171


Lengthsman Budget


Confirmation was received that we were permitted to use carry forward from FY18/19, thus the work invoiced for May (£171) was set against last year’s underspend.  £86.25 still remains from last financial year, therefore the work undertaken in June will be partly set against our FY 19/20 HCC allocation leaving £915.25 for the remainder of the FY.


Other Expenditure.


Invoice for £200 received from Mr Lovell for work carried out on RB 37.  This is outside the Lengthsman Scheme and falls to the NWPC budget.




Iain James