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July 2019


The ROW officer carried out the following during Jun:

Side ingress cut FP 3 (Knockwood – School Lane) and FP 20 (Five Bells Lane – Bent Street).

Strimmed Footpath 7 (Wisdom Lane – Trout Lane)

On behalf of HCC checked FP 3 following report that there was a sign “Footpath Closed”.  No problem was identified; possibly closed briefly for tree or utility works, although HCC had no record of such.  HCC closed incident report.

Checked Restricted Byways to determine Lengthsman task list for July, and decided that as there was only limited new growth on the Spring Pond and A343/Hollom Down road paths since Mr Lovell cut them earlier in the year, I would slip tasking the Lengthman back onto these paths for a month.

Have contacted HCC to ascertain when we are likely to see the contractor cut this summer (historically it has been late Aug/early Sep).

Lengthsman Tasks carried out in Jun

“Footpath Width” strim of Restricted Byway 36 (Wallop Drove north towards A343.  (7 hours)

Strim northern section of FP23 (north of A343) (1 hr)

Road junction sight lines:  Wallop Drove/A30 and Hosketts Lane/B3084  (1hr)

Further weed clearance in Rill (2 hrs)

11 hrs = £209


Lengthsman Tasks set for Jul


Further weed clearance in Rill (2 hrs)


Repeat sight line clearance – B3084/Five Bells Lane crossroads (0.5hr)


Sight Line Clearance – Junction The Square/Heathman Street (0.5 hr)


Repeat Strim FP 4 (The Dean – Police House) and FP 19 (Splash – Ducks Lane) (2 hrs)


Total 5 hrs (£95)


Lengthsman Budget

The June work was partly funded from the remains of our FY18/19 carry forward, so £877.25 remains to be spent as at 30 Jun for the remainder of the FY.   The proposed July work will take this down to £782.25.   Depending on the timing of the HCC Contractor cutting, I would expect August to be our last big footpath spend, before slowly moving into road drainage etc. I intend to continue to commit some Lengthsman time to keeping the Rill clear through to the autumn.


Iain James