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July 2018


Less busy as the dry weather has kept down new growth since the big effort in May. The RoW officer has completed the following:

FP 7 (Trout Lane – Wisdom Lane) Side growth cut back.

FP 19 (Splash – Ducks Lane)  Strimmed

Flytipping: I reported via the TVBC website another incidence of flytipping where Restricted Byway 36 meets Wallop Drove near the A30 junction.  TVBC cleared this away within 48 hours: excellent service!

Lengthsman Tasks:

The Lengthsman has been tasked with 8 hours of work this month.  This is to strim all of the big Restricted Byway (RB) 36 (A343 all the way south to Wallop Drove), together with Footpaths 3 and 4 (Knockwood lane through to The Dean).  He is also tasked to check sight lines on Hollom Down Road/A343 junction and Heathman Street/A30 junctions and clear if required.  I have tasked him to carry out a further hour of clearance along The Rill to keep this ticking over.


Iain James