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December 2018


Over the past month the RoW officer has carried out checks on a number of paths across the Parish with a view to improving/replacing waymarker signs as necessary.

I reported last month that I had written to two landowners with regard to the condition of stiles on Footpath 27 (Warren Court Farm area in the south of the Parish).  I have since heard from both of them, and I have now referred this back to HCC for it to decide how it wishes to proceed. (Note: FP 27 is a “blind” Right of Way that goes nowhere as the RoW terminates at the Parish boundary).

Lengthsman and Related Tasks:

The Lengthsman has not carried out any tasks since the last NWPC meeting due to the timing of Council meetings (his November work was reported at the last meeting). 

This coming month he is tasked with removing overhanging branches/fallen trees on Restricted Byway 37 at the Hollom Down Road end, and clearing the openings of the five concrete road drains along Farley Street.  These are the drains that have previously been reported to HCC to be repaired/cleared but cannot be done by the conventional “honey sucker” due to the shape of the drain aperture.  As previously reported, HCC has authorized work on these drains, and the task has been listed as being “with the contractor” since June. 

I am due to meet with the Lengthsman this week (10 Dec) and will discuss with him his capacity to look at some of the bigger surface water pools that appear during heavy rain (i.e Hollom Down Road, Wallop Drove and The Dean) but I suspect these may be either beyond his capability, or “beyond the laws of physics” i.e. the verges are higher than the road!

In this FY we have now spent £436 of the £1000 allocated to us, so there is more than enough remaining for further highways/drainage works, and tackling early Spring growth on the RoW. 

I advised last month that the current Lengthsman is moving abroad next year, and will cease his contract at the end of this FY.  Stockbridge PC has advised that there have been several responses to the HCC tender, so I am hoping that the post will not be gapped.

The RoW Officer and Cllr Mrs James carried out a “shovel patrol” along Farley Street and Heathman Street clearing leaves from the covers of the road drains, and the drain holes on the road around Stewarts Bridge.


Iain James