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April 2020


Coming out of the high groundwater flooding during Feb/Mar the Rights of Way are pretty much back to normal, and are all passable with the exception of Spring Pond Drove (RB 37) which still has surface water in its central section.  FP19 (Splash – Ducks Lane) is very soft at the Ducks Lane End, but passable with care.

HCC has informed us that the DMMO for the short section of unattributed path between Heathman Street and Church Lane has been approved, with the intention that it will be added to the HCC Definitive Map as a Footpath Right of Way.

Footpath Officer Work:

RB 37 – Cut back and remove two blockages caused by fallen branches/bushes (assisted by Cllr James!)

FP 3 and 4 (The Dean – School Lane)  Cut back side and overhead ingress.

Fly Tipping

Reported Dumped Car on RB 37.  This has been noted by TVBC which will deal with it in due course (probably post Covid-19) as it is not causing an immediate danger.


Lengthsman Tasks carried out in March

Clear leaf fall as required on drain openings along Heathman Street, The Square and Ducks Lane. 1 hr

Check/clear leaf fall from the six newly opened up drains along Farley Street. 0.5 hr

Lengthsman Tasks Set for April

Removal of protruding metal stile upright on old stile on FP 4 (The Dean – Knockwood Lane)

Lengthsman Budget and Forward Look

The start of new FY, we have carried forward £250.25 from last year.

I have ascertained that our Lengthsman for this year remains the same (Mr Shane Ling), which is good news, as he is local and very familiar with the area, which makes tasking efficient.

Our Lengthsman Scheme Coordinator from Stockbridge PC has stepped down, and this role will be taken up by the Stockbridge PC Clerk.  I have written to Alyson Lownie thanking her, on behalf of NWPC, for her excellent support during the time we have been in the Scheme.

My plan for the Lengthsman is to follow last year’s model, both in terms of nature of task and resource allocation.   Work will be initially to carry out sight line clearances where required on our difficult road junctions (Hollom Down Road A30 and A343 junctions, B3084/Five Bells Lane cross roads etc), together with reduction of Spring growth on the Restricted Byways (May June), followed by heavier RoW work mid summer (Jul/Aug/Sep).  Experience from last year was that pre-emptive work on road drains, grips etc in late summer was extremely successful.  Similarly the Rill clearance carried out in the summer successfully mitigated flooding around the Splash when water levels rose last winter, and we should do this again, albeit slightly later in the year give the current high water levels.  I will look to have enough headroom in the overall spend to pick up other ad hoc or unforeseen tasks throughout the year.

Iain James