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April 2019


A small amount of work this month cutting back a collapsed hedge at the north west end of FP 4 (adjacent to Knockwood Lane), replacing a destroyed finger board at the eastern end of Restricted Byway 37 (Spring Pond) and a footpath marker on FP 32 (Kentsboro).   The majority of the Parish’s Rights of Way have been walked/cycled during this past month, and no significant problems have been identified.  The Rights of Way officer has taken delivery of some additional timber fingerboard markers.  One instance of flytipping has been reported to TVBC.

Stile Problems: Footpath Wallop Primary School – A343  The Footpath Officer spoke to the Clerk of Over Wallop Parish Council in a further attempt to get an update from the OWPC Rights of Way officer on  how the issues with various stiles on OW FP 7 (the northern end of the footpath running from the primary school to the A343 bus stop) are being resolved.   In the continued absence of any reply from OWPC, I have elevated this issue direct to the Senior Countryside Access Ranger at Hampshire County Council, who has now written to the relevant landowners, and he carried out a site visit early in April to check on progress.

Lengthsman Update (Action Required). The Lengthsman carried out some work around the junction of Bent Street/Farley Street with a view to improving the drainage run off from Bent Street towards the Brook.  March saw the final month of contract for our current Lengthsman who is moving away from the area.  A new Lengthsman has been appointed by the Stockbridge lead, and NWPC needs to sign a new contract with Stockbridge PC a.s.a.p.

Lengthsman Tasks set for April

Nil.  I intend to task the new Lengthsman on a first reduction of Spring growth in May.

Lengthsman Budget

£726 spent in FY 18/19, leaving £273 (n.b work in May 18 was charged to FY 17/18 hence the underspend).  Our Lengthsman coordinator is working on the assumption that we will be able to carry this forward into FY 19/20 as last year.  A full summary of the Lengthsman’s output will be produced for the Parish Annual Meeting next month.


Iain James